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NJ QSO Party 2012!!!

The Burlington County Radio Club is reviving the New Jersey QSO Party in 2012 - July 28 and 29, 2012.  For New Jersey hams this is really great news.  It will definately be an event to add to our operating schedules.  A special NJ QSO Party website has been started to help get the word out.  If you are NJ ham, please do share this news at your next club meeting.  Lets get the word out and encourage participation.

We will also keep you posted as additional developments and information are available right here on NJ2X.COM.


HRD DM780 - variations of the 73 macro

We enjoy working digital modes like PSK31 and RTTY using Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) DM780.  We are always looking for contacts using the Log Book of the World (LoTW).  DM780 comes with useful macros that are easy to customize.

It is fun to close out a qso using the native language of the country where your contact resides.  Additionally, we find it helpful to let contacts know that we prefer LoTW QSL's.  Below are three HRD DM780 macros that we created to illustrate how incorporate various languages.  To use these just copy/paste the macro text into a new DM780 macro that you create.

#   English version end of the QSO, 73 and thanks for the QSO.  LoTW preferred.
#   by NJ2X
<his:callsign> de <my:callsign> <add-log>73 <his:name> and thanks for the <qso-mode> QSO <qso-mode-count> de <his:band>. LoTW preferred.
<his:callsign> de <my:callsign> sk <stop>

#   Spanish version end of the QSO, 73 and thanks for the Q…

Shack Slide Show from KC9MAV

Found this interesting slide show of pictures of various shacks compiled by KC9MAV.  Nice work Dave!  73 NJ2X

Gunsite / Yavapai Radio Club Observe NRA Birthday

An ad caught our eye in the November, 2011 QST.  Looks like an exciting special event to add to your operating calendar.  Does anyone know if the great Jeff Cooper was also a ham?

Gunsite / Yavapai Radio Club Observe NRA Birthday
Celebrate NRA's 140th birthday on November 17, 2011 as the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club operates a special-event broadcast station from the famed Gunsite Academy in Arizona.  This FCC-licensed amateur station, using the call sign, K7NRA, will operate from 8AM to 5PM MST on the following frequencies: 7.250, 14.050, and 21.355 MHz.  All amateur radio stations, especially those operated by NRA memebers and Gunsite alumni, are urged to participate.  A unique NRA/Gunsite QSL Card will be sent to stations contacted for the event.  For more info, visit:

SPLATTER = "Nasty Stuff"

We made a nice contact today on 20m PSK31 with a YL (Mary).  Mary commented that our signal was very clean with "none of those lines and nasty stuff" on the waterfall.  We traded anecdotes of our recent experiences observing poor quality PSK signals that were overdmodulated and as a result created interference for neighboring PSK stations.

Splatter is a type of interference to stations on nearby frequencies.  Splatter occurs when a transmitter is overmodulated.  The goal is to make sure your signal is never overmodulated.

Splatter is easy to identify and in many cases just as easy to clean up.  The waterfall screen used for digital communication with tools like DM780 provides an excellent way to visualize the effects of splatter.  You are seeing splatter on the waterfall whenever you see a signal with ghost lines on either side of the original signal.  In general, the wider the ghost lines appear the worse the offending signal is splattering. 

Example of splatter.  Here ar…

Good weekend for DX

Hurrah for sunspots and solar flares.  The daily sunspot number mean for the week of September 15 was 137.  Propagation inducing sunspots helped make this past weekend remarkable.  10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m were all alive with easy contacts to Europe and North America.  We made several nice contacts on PSK31, CW, and RTTY.

We picked up a WI station on 20m PSK31 leaving only three more states to go in order to complete 20m PSK31 WAS (all via LoTW QSL's).