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Bad light...

Q: Where does bad light end up?
A: In a prism.

First electricity detective?

Q: What is the name of the first electricity detective?
A: Sherlock Ohms

The ocean is made of waves...

An ocean traveller has even more vividly the impression that the ocean is made of waves than that it is made of water. — Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington

Vintage Fender Champ Amplifier Restoration

We have been using a weathered looking vintage Fender Champ "silverface" guitar tube amplifier ever since it was given to us by a friend a few years ago.  It had acquired innumerable cosmetic warts and battle scars over the decades as well as a set of extremely dirty/noisy potentiometers and input jacks.  The issues all seemed manageable and we decided this great little amp was worthy of restoration.

Planning the Restoration Our objective for the restoration was to return the amplifier to its original function and beauty. We made a list of the restoration work that we intended to perform:

Replace electrical power plug - connector pulled away from the outer insulationReplace speaker grill - original color had faded, dirty, puncturesClean the Fender logo - minor corrosion, dirtyClean the knobs and panel face - dirtyReplace the black Tolex - dirty, several large damaged areasClean all hardware - corrosion and dirtyClean inside of cabinet - dust bunnies and layers of dirtReplace …

Notably to electrons...

After long reflection in solitude and meditation, I suddenly had the idea, during the year 1923, that the discovery made by Einstein in 1905 should be generalised by extending it to all material particles and notably to electrons. — Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie