November 27, 2022

What happened to GlobalQSL? Unused credits? Were QSL cards actually sent?

Many years ago, when I first learned about GlobalQSL, I found the proposition immediately compelling (see GlobalQSL Service Review from 2013). For a relatively low cost, you could upload your QSL data and GlobalQSL would print double-sided full-color QSL cards of your own design and mail them to anywhere in the world.  It seemed like a good value which greatly simplified sending international QSL cards.  I bought credits and began using the service for all my international QSL cards.

Somewhere along the way the company seems to have stopped keeping their end of the bargain.  The GlobalQSL website is no longer functional and customer credits have apparently vaporized.   Customers are left wondering what happened to GlobalQSL?  What happened to the unused credits?  Did the company actually send QSL's or simply pocket the money?  Why no communication to customers explaining what happened?

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

November 13, 2022

Completed 10m DXCC

The return of 10 meters band activity has been a blast.  I am thankful for elevated sunspot activity in 2022. Today, I completed and confirmed my 100th 10m contact required to earn the 10m ARRL DX Century Club (DXCC) Award.  A big THANK YOU to Pierrick (HH2MK in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti) for the contact and confirmation on the LoTW.  I have made these contacts with a modest 100W transceiver and a homebrew 80m Skywire antenna.

This contact also brings me a bit closure to earning the ARRL DXCC Challenge Award.  I have 642 contacts out of a total of 1000 required for the award.

Flag of Haiti

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

10m Worked All States and 5-Band WAS

Today I made contact and confirmed on LoTW my last two States required to complete the ARRL 10m Worked All States Award.  These were also the last two contacts I needed complete the ARRL 5-Band Worked All States Award.  Today was a good day for radio, 100W, and my homebrew 80m Skywire antenna!

A big THANK YOU to both Christian (KI0D in South Dakota) and Joe (AI0Y in North Dakota) for helping me complete and confirm these last two remaining contacts.  North Dakota and South Dakota had become rare DX on 10m for me after many months of searching.  I am delighted conditions were favorable this morning.

Thank you also to the ARRL for creating the Worked All States awards.  These awards have been a lot of fun to work on over the years and have kept me interested in the hobby of amateur radio.

North Dakota and South Dakota

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

November 11, 2022