Gunsite / Yavapai Radio Club Observe NRA Birthday

An ad caught our eye in the November, 2011 QST.  Looks like an exciting special event to add to your operating calendar.  Does anyone know if the great Jeff Cooper was also a ham?

Gunsite / Yavapai Radio Club Observe NRA Birthday
Celebrate NRA's 140th birthday on November 17, 2011 as the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club operates a special-event broadcast station from the famed Gunsite Academy in Arizona.  This FCC-licensed amateur station, using the call sign, K7NRA, will operate from 8AM to 5PM MST on the following frequencies: 7.250, 14.050, and 21.355 MHz.  All amateur radio stations, especially those operated by NRA memebers and Gunsite alumni, are urged to participate.  A unique NRA/Gunsite QSL Card will be sent to stations contacted for the event.  For more info, visit:

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