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Drives me hazy...

A question that sometimes drives me hazy:
am I or are the others crazy? -- Albert Einstein

Voyaging through strange seas of thought...

And from my pillow, looking forth by light
Of moon or favouring stars, I could behold
The antechapel where the statue stood
Of Newton with his prism and silent face,
The marble index of a mind for ever
Voyaging through strange seas of Thought, alone.

— William Wordsworth

Everyone is a moon...

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. -- Mark Twain

Travel one, ten, or a thousand miles, or even to California...

What would you think of a Universe in which you could travel one, ten, or a thousand miles, or even to California, and then find it came to an end? Even if you were to go millions and millions of miles, the idea of coming to an end is still incomprehensible. -- Lord Kelvin

It is not really the fish...

In this season of New Year's resolutions here is a little Thoreau to consider...

Some men fish all their lives without knowing it is not really the fish they are after. -- Henry David Thoreau

Happy New Year and Good DX,


ARRL Kids Day - January 4, 2015

It is time for the semi-annual ARRL Kids Day event (January 4, 2015).  Kids Day is designed to promote Amateur Radio to our youth and presents a wonderful opportunity for hams to share the magic of radio with their kids or grandchildren, a Scout troop, or a church youth group.

Kids Day gives youth an on-the-air experience and may even foster on-going interest and becoming licensed. It also gives adult hams a chance to share their station and love for Amateur Radio with their children. We radio amateurs to listen for those Kids Day participants and answer their calls and be extra patient and encouraging.
Good DX and 73, NJ2X

NJ2X's QSL/QSO Ratio for 2014

With the arrival of the New Year, it is time for our annual measurement of our QSL/QSO LoTW ratio.

201320142015DeltaQSO355639554745790QSL148617802338558QSL/QSO Ratio42%45%49%4%
As we write this on January 1, 2015, there are 72,697 ham registered with LoTW (increase of  17,947 users over this time 1 year ago) and our QSL/QSO LoTW ratio is at 49%.  Our prediction of our QSL/QSO LoTW ratio would increase in time continues to hold true with a 4% increase from last year's measurement.  We attribute this increase to having more hams join in the LoTW fun by becoming LoTW subscribers and uploading their logs.

Additionally, we spent a good of our operating activity this year working on the ARRL Centennial QSO Party.  These contacts would have a strong bias for LoTW subscribers which would also account for some portion of the increase in our QSL/QSO LoTW ratio.

The LoTW is an excellent example of network economics in action.  The more hams that subscribe to the LoTW and submit their logs t…