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Moon joke...

I hear there's a new restaurant on the Moon, great view but no atmosphere!

Azden AZ-61 6m FM HT - Tip #7 - VFO Mode

This is an article in a series regarding the Azden AZ-61 6m FM Transceiver.

Scott, K6PYP, sent me an email asking for help with VFO on his AZ-61.  The AZ-61 has two receiving modes: VFO and memory.  The various functions on the vintage AZ-61 are a challenge to operate without instructions.  Thank you Scott for your question.  Hope the information below helps AZ-61 owners master the VFO mode on their AZ-61.
VFO Mode To change from memory mode to VFO mode simply present the VFO key.To change the frequency to 52.520 MHz press the follow sequence of keys:52*52NOTE: If you don't press the next key within 1.5 seconds after pressing the * key the displayed figure becomes 52.000 UP key and DOWN keyYou can use the UP key and DOWN key to change frequency.  The frequency will increase or decrease each time you press the UP key or DOWN key.If the frequency difference is large present the FUN + UP or DOWN to change the frequency by 1 Mhz.High speed frequency changes can be made by pressing and h…