March 4, 2012

Keeping Windows 7 Running Well

We recently experienced a hard drive crash with our laptop which was running Windows 7.  The hard drive problem wasn't immediately apparent as the root cause.  The were a number of symptoms that indicated that something was progressively going wrong with the system including system freezing up, extreme slow performance, inability to make a backup, and other strange behavior.

During the process of diagnosis and eventual identification of the root cause we also discovered a wonderful tool called Iolo System Mechanic.  Iolo System Mechanic is a powerful tool set to keep a PC running at peak performance.  The tool does all the hard work and does not require you to be an expert.  It automatically performs important maintenance work such as:
  • Repairs registry
  • Accelerates start up
  • Recovers memory leaks
  • Boosts Internet speed
  • Defragments drives
  • Stops CPU-hogging items
After we finally determined that our hard drive was failing and replaced it, we reloaded Iolo System Mechanic and have been using it ever since to keep our system tuned for speed and reliability.  It is simply the best tool of its kind that we have tried - easy to use and powerful.  We highly recommend the Iolo System Mechanic.

You can download Iolo System Mechanic for 50% off the regular price.


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