April 28, 2012

FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class License

An FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class License provides privileges that include all VHF/UHF amateur bands as well as limited operations in certain HF bands (80, 40, 15m bands using CW and 10m CW, voice, and digital modes). 

Some of the activities that Technician licensees enjoy:
  • Using a small 2 meter band hand-held radio to communicate with other hams in and around their local area.
  • Operating with different modes such as FM voice, digital modes with computers, television, single-sideband voice, and Morse code.
  • Making international radio contacts via satellites.
  • Making contact with astronauts on the international space station.
  • Building and using radio equipment - DIY.
  • Experimenting with antennas, radios, modes, ...
  • "Fox hunting" which is a sport where participants use radio direction finding equipment to locate hidden transmitters.
  • Setting up a location reporting radio (APRS) which uses a radio and GPS.
  • Volunteering with local emergency response organizations to provide radio communication services.
  • Having access to communication and information sharing capabiltiies during times of disasters and infrastructure outages.  See our article: Prepper Essentials: Communication and Information
  • Having fun on the air!
In order to obtain an FCC Amateur Radio Technician class license, you must first pass a 35-question multiple choice examination known as "Element 2".  Morse code is no longer required for any of the FCC Amateur Radio licenses.  The FCC Technician License exam covers basic regulations, operating practices and electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF applications.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the great hobby of amateur radio (or ham radio) studying for and then taking the FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class License Exam is your ticket.  The ARRL offers many excellent resources for those interested in the hobby.  The hobby is seeing record high numbers of license holders.

NJ2X.com posts a free "FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day" every day to help people learn about the test questions, test answers, and get ready to earn their ticket.  If you know of someone studying for the exam be sure to share our link with them.

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