February 10, 2014

FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day (T1A11)

Q) Which of the following stations transmits signals over the air from a remote receive site to a repeater for re-transmission?

A) Auxiliary station.

NJ2X Note:
In a situation where an amateur station, such as a repeater, is under remote control over a radio link, the other station involved (doing the controlling) is called an auxiliary station.

Per Part 97 FCC: "An amateur station, other than a message forwarding system, that is transmitting commu­nications point-to-point within a system of cooperating amateur stations [97.3(a)(7)]."

There are a few important rules that apply to auxiliary stations:
  1. All amateurs, except Novices, may put auxiliary stations on the air [97.201(a)].
  2. An auxiliary station may transmit only on the 2 m and shorter wavelength bands, except the 144.0-144.5 MHz, 145.8-146.0 MHz, 219-220 MHz, 222.00-222.15 MHz, 431-433 MHz, and 435-438 MHz segments.
  3. When there is interference, licensees are equally responsible for solving the interference, except where one station is coordinated and the other is not [97.201(c)]. Control links should be coordinated.
  4. An auxiliary station may, under certain circumstances, be automatically controlled and may send one-way transmissions [97.201(d), (e)].