March 22, 2013

Solder Smoke Night March 2013

This past week NJ2X and KC2VSR attended the "Solder Smoke Night" held by our local club Skyview Amateur Radio Society.  What can be more fun than building a kit?  Building a kit with room full of friends - that is what.

NJ2X's build of a dual voltage linear power supply

KC2VSR built this neat Velleman Water Alarm

KC2VSR's build of the Velleman Water Alarm kit
KC2VSR discovered the kit was a little more involved than expected since a hacksaw was required to cut the circuit board into two parts.  One part for the detector circuit and the other for use as the remote sensor.  Fortunately, the club's workshop was well equipped with both a hacksaw and vice to hold the board secure.  With a little help from a fellow ham a perfect cut was quickly made.

While experimenting with the completed circuit, KC2VSR found that his water alarm kit could be triggered by simply placing a finger across the sensor plates (without water).  With just a touch, he then demonstrated that it doubled nicely as a Morse code practice oscillator.  Fun!

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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