May 3, 2014

FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day (T8C06)

Q) For what purpose is a temporary "1 by 1" format (letter-number-letter) call sign assigned?

A) For operations in conjunction with an activity of special significance to the amateur community

NJ2X Notes:
Part 97
§97.3 Definitions.
(iii) Special event call sign system. The call sign is selected by the station licensee from a list of call signs shown on a common data base coordinated, maintained and disseminated by the amateur station special event call sign data base coordinators. The call sign must have the single letter prefix K, N or W, followed by a single numeral 0 through 9, followed by a single letter A through W or Y or Z (for example K1A). The special event call sign is substituted for the call sign shown on the station license grant while the station is transmitting. The FCC will issue public announcements detailing the procedures of the special event call sign system.

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