October 12, 2014

Phonetic Alphabet Viewer iPhone app for learning the international phonetic alphabet

There seems to be an app for nearly everything. Are you working on learning the international phonetic alphabet? Well it turns out there is an app for that too - the Phonetic Alphabet Viewer available on the iPhone. This is a very simple app that provides the student with an interactive visual method of learning. Simply touch a key to see the phonetic equivalent spelled on the screen instantly. The price is right too - FREE. The app also has solid customer ratings which is often a good indicator of product quality.

Go through the alphabet in sequence saying the phonetic equivalent in your head. Then press the letter to check if you have it correct. When you find a letter that you struggle with pause for a moment to repeat the phonetic three times while focusing on the word.

You will be speaking the international phonetic alphabet in no time. Practice, practice, practice, ...

Good DX and 73,

NJ2X (November Juliet Two X-Ray)

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