September 6, 2015

Using a Diamond HV7A Mobile Antenna as a stealth base antenna

We recently had need for a multiband stealthy antenna covering 70cm, 2m, 6m, 10m, and 20m.  The stealth requirement meant that the antenna had to be near invisible on a rooftop as seen from the ground level.  After evaluating our options (beam, traditional full-size base vertical, wire) we were unsatisfied.  None of the choices seem to meet the prime criteria of invisibility.

This prompted us to consider the use of a multiband mobile antenna which tend to be constructed with a minimal profile.  We eventually settled on the Diamond HV7A as it offered multiband coverage that met our needs in a rather stealthy package.

Diamond HV7A Mobile Antenna in its packaging

Diamond HV7A Mobile Antenna unpacked

HV7A Mobile Antenna assembled and ready for mounting

We mounted the antenna on our rooftop and it was amazingly difficult to see from the ground level.  This was exactly what we had hoped for in terms of physical appearance.  We have been satisfied with the HV7A though performance as a stealthy base antenna is a compromise due to its intended purpose as a mobile antenna.

 Antenna_BandFrequency Coverage RangeVertical Antenna GainElement Phasing (wavelength)Antenna Power Rating
10 meters28-29.7 MHz2.1 dBi1/4120 watts
6 meters50-54 MHz2.1 dBi1/4200 watts
2 meters144-148 MHz2.1 dBi1/2200 watts
70 centimeters440-450 MHz5.5 dBi2 x 5/8200 watts

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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