October 10, 2020

Digital DXCC Completed!

The digital door to DXCC is available to hams with a transceiver, computer, TNC, and software

I completed my DXCC Phone award back in 2015 and DXCC Mixed award (#57,420) in 2012.  I have been working casually on the ARRL's Digital DXCC Award for the last decade with all contacts confirmed exclusively via the Logbook of the World.  Today (October 9, 2020), my 100th digital DXCC contact was confirmed on the LoTW with BI4XDT.  Woot! Woot! I did it at last!

The award requires completing 100 contacts using only digital modes.  I really enjoy digital radio communication and the various digital modes.  Browsing my log, I noticed I accumulated my contacts using the following digital modes:
  • FT8
  • JT65
  • MFSK16
  • PSK31
  • PSK63
  • PSK125
  • RTTY
It is amazing that we amateur radio operators have access to so many digital modes.  My list above is only a few of the possible available modes.  Digital modes are fairly easy to use and available to hams having transceiver, computer, communications software, and a terminal node controller (TNC).

Looking forward to exploring new digital modes on more bands with more countries on my way to the DXCC Challenge award.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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