April 2, 2021

500th contact toward the ARRL DXCC Challenge Award

I have been chasing DX for more than a decade now on HF with nothing more than a 100w transceiver, a length of coaxial cable, and some wire slung up in the trees.  I enjoy the thrill of making new DX contacts in far away places.  The magic of radio never gets old.

I recently crossed a major milestone with my 500th DXCC contact toward the ARRL DXCC Challenge award.  This award requires 1000 unique contacts in a combination of band and DXCC entity.  This is indeed an aptly named award.  It is my goal finish it while I am above ground and able to enjoying the hobby.

I was positively delighted to have my 500th contact be with Antarctica 9153 miles from my QTH in California.  Now that is what I call DX!  I managed to complete one other contact with Antarctica many years ago which also happened to also coincide with the solar minimum.  Antarctica has remained one of my most memorable contacts since.  It was wonderful to have Antarctica be my 500th DXCC contact.  Achieving this 50% milestone has renewed my commitment to earn the DXCC Challenge award.  Hope to make many more contacts with Antarctica on my way to the 1000th DXCC contact.

A big THANK YOU to Felix, DP1POL for the contact on 30m.  DP1POL is located at the German research station Neumayer III in Antarctica, which is about 1,300 miles North of the South Pole.

Penguins in Antarctica

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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