May 31, 2021

Point Reyes to Mt. Loma Prieta WINS System Repeater (89 miles) on an HT

I recently went on a daytrip adventure up the California coast on the beautiful Route 1.  A nice long drive was the perfect opportunity to bring along my new 10w Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate dual-band FM transceiver and have some fun giving it a workout.

KG-UV9D Mate 10w dual-band HT

The radio performed very well throughout the trip using only the stock antenna.  I tested the radio's reception and transmitting capabilities at each turnout when we would stop to take in a vista.  The battery lasted all-day long with more than 75% remaining at day's end.

Of all the contacts I made during the day, I was most surprised at making 70 cm full-quieting contacts with the WINS System repeater on Mt. Loma Prieta, California (K6JSI) from both Mt. Tamalpias (66 miles) and again from Point Reyes Lighthouse (89 miles).

These impressive contacts are a testament to both the KG-UV9D Mate HT and the Loma Prieta WINS System repeater.  So the next time you find yourself at Point Reyes, California, be sure to make a call to the Loma Prieta, CA WINS System repeater (K6JSI) 442.900 MHz  (+) 162.2 Hz tone.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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