February 18, 2023

1800 US Counties Confirmed on QRZ.com

A big THANK YOU to K5CBS (Cecil in Stone County, Mississippi) for the 20m contact and being my 1800th US County confirmed contact on LoTW (out of 3,007).

It has been a slow and steady process of accumulating County contacts.  I use the Logbook of The World (LoTW) to confirm contacts and load confirmations into QRZ.com.  That adds an extra layer of difficulty as there are hams operating from desirable and somewhat rare County locations that do not use the LoTW.  Fortunately, most hams do use LoTW.

One of the fun aspects of chasing US County contacts is learning about all the interesting County names.  For example, I learned tonight that there are three Stone Counties in the United States.  So far I have confirmed one of three.
  • Stone County, AR
  • Stone County, MO
  • Stone County, MS - Confirmed
Chasing US Counties is great fun and if you are looking for a new challenge in amateur radio I encourage you to dive in.  You may be surprised how far you have progressed already.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

1 comment:

KF5JMD said...

Thanks for the FT8 contact on 17 meters this evening. I really am working a 1 watt Softrock RX/TX station on an endfed random wire in the city of Gatesville, TX. 73 KF5JMD
PS Will check out your site some more.