March 17, 2023

ClearNode One Year Review

My ClearNode went on the air one year ago (March 2022).  Over the last twelve months, the ClearNode has been a real pleasure to use.

NJ2X's ClearNode

I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting to AllStarLink, EchoLink, DMR enabled repeaters and nodes all around the world to monitor and make contacts.  Exploring other internet-enabled repeaters has helped me discover some wonderful repeater systems and nets.

I have also enjoyed being able to connect to repeaters covering backcountry locations here in California and talking with ham friends while they were camping with their HTs.  This worked remarkably well and was fun amateur radio activity.


My ClearNode has become an excellent DXing tool.  I am a US County hunter and I have found that connecting to nodes in target Counties and dropping my call is a great way to meet hams in those Counties and arrange skeds.  This has been a game changer in my US County hunting.

  • The ClearNode works really well
  • Gerry's support is just wonderful (a big THANK YOU to Gerry)
  • Nice iPhone app makes it easy to connect to AllStar Link and EchoLink nodes
  • Great DXing tool
  • Looks great in the shack
  • More amateur radio fun!
  • Allstar Link, EchoLink, and DMR enabled repeaters are a blast to use
  • Can't think of any cons

There are a couple more digital voice modes that the ClearNode supports that I haven't dived into yet such as P25, YSFN (Fusion), FCS (Fusion), and NXDN.  I am glad the ClearNode supports all these extended capabilities since it provides additional learning opportunities to explore down the road.

I am so glad I took the leap in 2022 and bought a ClearNode.  I regret that I didn't do it sooner since it has helped me expand my amateur radio horizons and have even more fun.

Thank you to Gerry and Node-Ventures for making a great product and standing behind it with outstanding support.  Kudos!

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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