October 29, 2023

Digital QSL Card from W6BSD on October 29, 2023

Thank you, Ken (W6BSD), for the beautiful digital QSL card.  Hope to work you again in the future.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I notice that I get more and more digital cards via e-mail lately. When the amount of paper cards is decreasing fast. This is really an good example from a well designed digital QSL. Tnx for sharing, 73, Bas

NJ2X said...

Hi Bas,

Yes, I have noticed the growing trend toward digital QSL cards as well. It sure is fun to receive QSL cards regardless of paper or digital media. I have a box full of paper QSL cards from all over the world.

I do rather enjoy giving non-hams a look through my QSL paper cards and sharing the excitement. That experience will eventually disappear and be replaced by sharing digital cards via digital means.

The vast majority of my contact confirmations are via the LoTW which I appreciate for its efficiency and speed.


Michael (NJ2X)