November 24, 2023

Astron RS-35M RIP

I have been using an Astron RS-35M linear power supply in the shack since I first became a ham in 2007.  It has performed flawlessly year after year providing a consistent 13.8 volts to my radio gear.  Over time, it acquired a bit of hum but otherwise performed as it should.  Hum in a power supply can be an indication of the gradual deterioration of the supply's filter capacitor and bridge rectifier components.

Yesterday (November 23, 2023), my well used and well appreciated RS-35M immediately blew its AGC 8A fuse (with a noticeable thud) when I attempted to power it on in the morning.

Internal view of the Astron RS-35M Power Supply

I decided to use this power supply failure as opportunity to replace the original bridge rectifiers and the original filter capacitor (25v 64000 µF electrolytic).  These parts tend to degrade with time and use.  I also decided to upgrade the DB2501 (25 Amp) bridge rectifiers to DB5001 (50 Amp) since the cost difference was only $1.50 each.  The higher power DB5001 will work a little less hard to do the job.

Astron RS-35M Power Supply

I bought the replacement parts on Astron's website at reasonable prices.  I am looking forward to receiving the parts, completing the repair, and getting back on the air soon. Stay tuned for a future article about the repair process.

Rest in peace Astron RS-35M (during this short hiatus).  You will be repaired in couple of days and back on duty supplying clean power.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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