September 29, 2013

FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day (T1D11)

Q) Which of the following types of communications are permitted in the Amateur Radio Service?

A) Brief transmissions to make station adjustments.

NJ2X Note:
Section 97.111(b) provides for one-way communications. In summary, auxiliary, beacon, space and stations in distress are specifically authorized to make certain one-way transmissions.  Additionally, an amateur station may transmit the following types of one-way communications:
  1. Brief transmissions necessary to make adjustments to the station;
  2. Brief transmissions necessary for establishing two-way communications with other stations;
  3. Telecommand;
  4. Transmissions necessary to providing emergency communications;
  5. Transmissions necessary to assisting persons learning, or improving proficiency in, the international Morse code;
  6. Transmissions necessary to disseminate an information bulletin; and
  7. Telemetry.

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