September 27, 2013

Quick Guide To Common Multimeter Symbols and Abbreviations

Ever wonder what all the symbols and abbreviations mean on your multimeter?  Here is NJ2X's handy quick reference guide to help you decode some of the more common symbols and abbreviations appearing on multimeters.

AC Alternating current or voltage
~ Alternating current or voltage
•))) Audible Continuity
DC Direct current or voltage
Direct current or voltage
V Volts
mV Millivolts (1 x 10- 3 volts)
A Ampere (amps). Current
mA Milliampere (1 x 10-3 amps)
uA Microampere (1 x 10-6 amps)
nS Nanosiemens (1 x 10-9 siemens). Conductance (1/W)
Ω Ohms. Resistance
Kilohm (1 x 103 ohms). Resistance
Megohm (1 x 106 ohms). Resistance
Hz Hertz (1 cycle/sec). Frequency
kHz Kilohertz (1 x 103 cycles/sec). Frequency
mF Microfarads (1 x 10-6 Farads). Capacitance
nF Nanofarads (1 x 10-9 Farads). Capacitance
- Negative
+ Positive

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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