November 6, 2012

Scientifically Verifiable Fact: Best Antenna for Amateur Radio Use

We hams are tough customers when it comes to antennas (also known as the great interface to the universe or GITTU).  It is often the case that the superior performing antenna is the one you would like to put up next and the under-performer is the one you put up last.  Simply put, a ham is never satisfied.  For many, that is part of the attraction to radio.  A station can always be improved, modified, enhanced, augmented, tweaked, repaired, ... until the bank account is minus-zero or we are SK.

From time-to-time it is helpful to remind ourselves that the GITTU we have is better than the one we don't.  The scientifically verifiable mathematical proof of this is that you can make contacts with the GITTU you have and you cannot make contacts with the GITTU you don't have.  So get on the air and give your GITTU a workout.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

NJ2X Note:
Gentle reader, you may be wondering why we used the 5 letter acronym, "GITTU" when the generally accepted acronym practice (known as GAAP) is a TLA or Three Letter Acronym?  In our age of ever inflating bigger badder government, taxes, spending, deficits, and entitlements, the lowly TLA alphabet soup is simply passe.  The world needs 66% more of everything so the 5 letter acronym (or FLACC) is the new normal.