January 4, 2014

FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day (T3A07)

Q) What type of wave carries radio signals between transmitting and receiving stations?

A) Electromagnetic

NJ2X Note:
This question is a good of example of how you can increase your odds of selecting the correct answer by first eliminating the obvious wrong answers.

Here are the four choices that will appear on the exam for this question:

A. Electromagnetic
B. Electrostatic
C. Surface acoustic
D. Magnetostrictive

B. Electrostatic - This is synonym for static electricity.  Fun to zap someone after shuffling across a carpeted floor.  Not a very useful for transmitting with a radio.

C. Surface acoustic - This is a nonsense term.  Acoustic refers to sound waves that we can hear with our ears.  Has nothing to do with transmitting radio signals.

D. Magnetostrictive - This is a real term though unrelated to radio.  This is also trick answer since it incorporates the "magneto" which sounds a little like "electromagnetic".

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