November 26, 2011

Number of US Amateur Radio License Holders Highest Level Ever

According to the ARRL, over the last 40 years, the number of Amateur Radio operators in the US has grown at a remarkable rate:
  • December 1971: 285,000
  • December 1981: 433,000
  • December 1991: 494,000
  • December 2001: 683,000
  • September 2011: 700,221
The growth and interest trend in Amateur Radio is a clear indication that the future is bright for the hobby.  This growth also has implications from a spectrum use perspective.  We do hope the FCC and federal legislators will take note of this.
  • Do not pass laws that will reduce or sell off the spectrum that is for amateur radio use.
  • Do increase spectrum available for amateur radio use.
  • Protect amateur radio spectrum from interference through FCC enforcement.
  • Acknowledge the value of amateur radio in science education and emergency communications.
  • Support laws that protect amateur radio operator's ability to erect and use outdoor antennas.