November 9, 2011

US Army Signal Corps training film for the SCR-694, BC-1306 field radio

The SCR-694 was designated as "Radio set, Portable/Vehicular" consisting of the BC-1306 transceiver capable of AM, CW, MCW modes of operation between 3.800 to 6.500 MHz.  Ranges up to 15 miles on voice and up to 30 miles on CW between moving vehicles were reported.  Crystals used in the transmitter operated at one half of the transmitting frequency. The set used vacuum tubes and operated from 6, 12 or 24 VDC supplied by a battery or PE-237 Vibrator Power Unit (to operate from a vehicle).  The receiver could be run for about 20 hours from the battery.  Portable operations in WWII meant the unit could be packed and carried by 2 men and weighed 108lbs.  The whole set was water and fungi proof. 

These three films are very interesting and provide a great deal of information.  There is a briefing on vintage WW1 radios as well as German and Japanese radios.  The radio internals are discussed as well as the whip and wire antennas.  CW and radio-telephone operations are demonstrated.

Truely an impressive piece of gear for the time.

Part 1


Part 3

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