July 28, 2012

Its Meteor Time!

The night sky will be lit in a spectacular display of light streaks in late July through mid-August, 2012 as the Delta Aquarid and Perseid meteor showers combine to create one of the very best meteor displays in Northern Hemisphere.

There are few things as wonderful than camping under the open clear sky far from population centers (and light polution) and taking in a blazing meteor shower.  It is one of those activities that kids, teens, partents, and grandparents all equally enjoy and can share and experience together.  The cost is right too - free.  No equipment is needed to view meteor showers.  Location does however make a difference as cloudy skies, haze, and light polution can all interfere.

So get the family together and head outdoors between July 28 and August 13, 2012 to view and enjoy one of the greatest shows on earth.

NASA photo of a meteor falling earthwards

Good viewing, 73