July 20, 2012

US Army Signal Corp SCR-536 / BC-611 Handi-Talkie

The SCR-536/BC-611 was manufactured by Galvin starting in 1942 and was a breakthrough device - the first "handi-talkie".  This single-channel, crystal-controlled, AM transceiver was capable of operation on 3.5 Mhz to 6 Mhz.  Having 5 tubes and 3 batteries, it produced 36 miliwatts of power that was good for communication within a 1 mile radius.  The hand-held self-contained package made this squad radio a pretty impressive piece of gear in 1942.

US Army Signal Corp SCR-536
US Army Signal Corp’s SCR-536

 This is a short (32 seconds) and interesting demonstration of the BC-611 communicating with a TBX-4.