March 25, 2022

ClearNode Tip #3: DTMF Commands

The ClearNode FM Hotspot for AllStarLink and EchoLink can be handily linked to other nodes via the ClearNode mobile phone app (iPhone or Android).  The mobile phone app is easy and convenient to use to look up nodes and connect.
Kenwood TH-F6A Triband Amateur Radio Transceiver

AllStarLink supports DTMF commands that allow you to control your node using only your radio.  It is good to know how to use these commands.  A few possible use cases:
  • Your mobile phone is charging, upgrading, or is otherwise unavailable.
  • You want to share your node with a friend, family member, or neighbor and don't want to share your mobile app credentials.
  • You are communicating via radio through another node and want to control it via DTMF tones.

AllStarLink Node DTMF Nodes
To use these commands, first press and hold your radio's PTT while entering the command through the radio's keypad and then releasing the PTT.

*1node - Link Disconnect
*2node - Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3node - Link Connect

*70 - Link Status (Locally connected nodes)
*71 - Disconnect Permanently Connected Links
*73 - Permanently Connect Links
*75 - Full Status (Avoid using if you are connected to a AllStarLink hub)
*76 - Disconnect ALL Links
*77 - Reconnect Links (Disconnected by command above)
*81 - Say Time of Day (local)
*980 - Say App_rpt Version

Dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) was developed by Bell System. DTMF was introduced for public use on Nov. 18, 1963. It is known by the trademark Touch-Tone.

Good DX and 73, NJ2X

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