February 10, 2012

Book Review: The Road Home by Andrew Baze

The Road Home by Andrew Baze
200 pages, Max Publications, 2011

The Road Home is story about surviving a disaster when all else fails (e.g. telephone / mobile phones, police, fire, roads, water supply, gasoline, power, stores, ...).  It is an engaging page turner suitable for pre-teen, young adults, and adults alike.  The story centers around a family's fight for survival during a major natural disaster.  Woven into the story are examples of how emergency preparation and self-sufficiency pay off when the unexpected happens. 

The story also illustrates the importance of a strong family when dealing with adversity.  Amateur radio plays an important role in helping through the disaster by being a life saving communications tool.  The story also reminds us of what can happen to those that do not prepare or have a survival mindset.

The action packed story will likely connect with young adults and make an impression about preparedness.  The characters are normal people and easy to relate to.  This book would be a great introduction read prior to a family discussion of how to prepare for possible emergencies scenarios.

The book comes with a "bonus content" section with 50 disaster preparedness and emergency communications tips.  This is really excellent material to help think about how to better prepare in your own family.  The book is available in both print and Kindle editions.

The Road Home was a very enjoyable read and we highly recommend it.  Two thumbs up.