February 14, 2012

Windows 7 Is A Great Teacher

Here we go again....

We recently spent the better part of a weekend struggling with Windows 7 / PC / hard disk issues.  There are few things we enjoy less than having to invest our precious time digging into esoterica to remedy PC issues.  However, this is a well established pattern of modern life.

Millions of computer owners go through similar experiences every few years if lucky or every few months if less lucky.  Each time we get to learn (or re-learn) about things like:
  • sfc /scannow
  • scandisk
  • defragmenting
  • restore points
  • backups
  • system file repair
  • tools for analyzing, cleaning, and repairing issues
  • setup diagnostics
  • warranties
  • calling the manufacture for support
  • ...
It is amazing it all works (most of the time).  What is equally amazing is the tremendous amount of trivia, advice, and often misleading information available on the Internet regarding Windows 7 OS and correcting the miriad of problems that can occur.
At this point we have worked through the layers of issues down to the root cause (hard disk failure) and we are now on the track toward resolution.  We are left with a sense of having wasted far too much time on it all.  This is the real price of living in a connected on-line world.

Can't wait to get back on PSK-31!


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