HRD DM780 Calling Macro

One of the things we enjoy about digital modes is automating repetitive tasks like calling.  One trick we like to use in certain situations is to call for stations in specific locations.  This is particularly useful when looking for those final one or two states to complete the ARRL WAS or Triple Play awards.

By calling for specific locations you may just entice a reply from state you need who would have otherwise not responded.  In this example, we are calling for NJ stations.

        CQ NJ CQ NJ CQ NJ de NJ2X pse kn

It doesn't always work and you will definately get responses from hams outside of your target location.  However, this approach does pay off from time-to-time.

What does not work particularly well, some would say it is even annoying, is to call with a very long list.  For example:

        CQ AK AL AR CA CT DE FL GA ID IA ....

This is simply too verbose to work well.  Better to simply call the band since there is a good probability you will make contact with a station on the list no matter who answers.

Here is our Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) DM780 macro that we created for calling specific locations.  Just copy paste into your own macro and edit with the locations you are targetting.

#   Short CQ DX call for CA and HI station, stops TX when all text sent.
CQ CA, HI CQ CA, HI de <my:callsign> <my:callsign>
CQ CA, HI CQ CA, HI de <my:callsign> <my:callsign>
PSE K <stop>

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HRD DM780 Calling Macro

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