January 19, 2012

KN-Q7A Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit - Step 1: Power Supply Circuit

This is the 3rd in a series of articles on building the KN-Q7A Single Band 40m SSB Transceiver Kit.  In this article we proceed to build the first step - the Power Supply Circuit.

Before starting we organized the bag of parts provided in the kit into a plastic bin grouping parts into general categories.  This will make it easier to locate specific parts during construction.  It will also contain the parts and help prevent them from being lost on the bench.

KN-Q7A parts sorted

We followed the step-by-step instructions and installed the parts making up the power supply.

KN-Q7A with power supply parts installed

The final step was a test to verify the power supply circuit is functioning by measuring the voltage output.  We passed the test the first time with an output voltage of 7.91V which was within the acceptable tolerance (target is 8V).  So far so good and we are having fun too!

One of the take-aways from this stage was that we do not have the appropriate power plug for the kit's power jack.  We were able to work around this by powering up with alligator clips.  To prepare for the remaining stages we will order the plug.

In the next installment we will proceed with building Step 2: Audio Amplifier .

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