January 17, 2012

KN-Q7A Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit - Opening The Package

This is the 2nd article in a series on building the KN-Q7A Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit.  We were very excited to see the kit arrive in the mail.  The kit was packaged in a padded envelope.  The outside of the package had various stamps and customs declarations.
We were so excited to receive this in the mail we forgot to take a picture BEFORE opening it.
Inside the mailer were the microphone and a very durable metal project box.  The box itself will become the housing for the transceiver kit.  All the components and the circuit board were stored safetly inside the project box.  We are impressed with this packaging design since it reduces the possibility of damage to delicate parts.

We used a screw driver to remove four screws securing a metal plate to the end of the box and found the circuit board, compontents, screws, and faceplates predrilled and silkscreened.  Everthing was neatly and efficiently packed.

A single page overview of the kit was included in the package as well.  This sheet provided current information and instructions on how to download the kit manual.  We followed the link and downloaded and printed the 25 page manual, a template, and parts list.  Some people are opposed to reading manuals.  We would not recommend such an approach for a kit with over 200 components! 

We spent some time in a comfortable chair and carefully read all the material in preparation.  The manual seemed thorough enough and included step-by-step instructions, pictures, as well as theory of operation.  The kit is built in stages and includes function tests at the end of each stage.  We really appreciate this approach and it also helps with understanding how the stages work together to form the transceiver.

In our next installment, we begin construction with KN-Q7A Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit - Step 1: Power Supply Circuit .

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