December 6, 2013

FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day (T1F12)

Q) How many persons are required to be members of a club for a club station license to be issued by the FCC?

A) At least 4

NJ2X Note:
A club station license allows members of an amateur radio club to have a station operating under a club call sign. The license is granted only to the trustee of the club. It conveys no operating privileges. To be granted a club station license, a club must have:
• A name
• A document of organization, bylaws, charter, etc
• Management , list of current officers
• A primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with the FCC Rules
• At least four persons
• A license trustee designated by an officer of the club
• Trustee must hold an Amateur Extra, Advanced, General, Technician Plus or Technician Class operator license grant.