December 11, 2013

FCC Technician Exam Question Of The Day (T2A10)

Q) What is a band plan, beyond the privileges established by the FCC?

A) A voluntary guideline for using different modes or activities within an amateur band

NJ2X Note:
The ARRL publishes band plans for each of the amateur radio bands.  A band plan is a very helpful reference and worth spending time studying.  Here is an example of the 2m band plan:

2 Meters (144-148 MHz):

144.00-144.05EME (CW)
144.05-144.10General CW and weak signals
144.10-144.20EME and weak-signal SSB
144.200National calling frequency
144.200-144.275General SSB operation
144.275-144.300Propagation beacons
144.30-144.50New OSCAR subband
144.50-144.60Linear translator inputs
144.60-144.90FM repeater inputs
144.90-145.10Weak signal and FM simplex (145.01,03,05,07,09 are widely used for packet)
145.10-145.20Linear translator outputs
145.20-145.50FM repeater outputs
145.50-145.80Miscellaneous and experimental modes
145.80-146.00OSCAR subband
146.01-146.37Repeater inputs
146.52National Simplex Calling Frequency
146.61-146.97Repeater outputs
147.00-147.39Repeater outputs
147.60-147.99Repeater inputs